The future of hospitality: Serving the needs of guests, businesses & the planet


Considering the significant economic importance of tourism in Singapore, it becomes imperative to address its environmental and social effects. While Singapore has made progress in promoting sustainable tourism, further efforts are required.

This event delves into the role of design in shaping a sustainable future for the hospitality and tourism industry. It aims to explore design’s transformative potential in addressing industry challenges and reducing environmental impact. By leveraging the power of design, it is possible to reimagine guest experiences and value propositions to meet the needs of all stakeholders – guests, businesses, and the planet. The program will kick off with a set of thought-provoking keynotes, delving into various aspects of the topic and setting the stage for an engaging discussion. The sharing will be followed by an inspiring panel discussion, featuring industry experts, design practitioners, and innovation leaders from the tourism and hospitality sector.

Concluding the event is an interactive segment that actively involves the audience, encouraging collaboration and in-depth exploration of previous discussion points. Participants are invited to contribute their thoughts, building upon shared ideas and co-creating actionable solutions.

This event wants to transcend mere compliance and provide inspiration, practical tools and valuable insights from industry insiders and thought leaders.

Participants can expect clear and actionable takeaways to bring back to their respective organisations and take decisive steps towards a sustainable future in the tourism and hospitality industry.



  • 3pm Welcome & Opening
  • 3.10pm Keynotes
  • 4pm Panel discussion
  • 4.00pm Break
  • 4.50pm Workshop
  • 6.20pm Closing
  • 6.30pm Networking (optional)


Chemistry and the Service Days

Chemistry is an independent B-Corp Certified strategic design consultancy, based in Singapore & Amsterdam. Established in 2000 with the belief that great ideas come from the synergy of people, we bring together a diverse and multi-talented team of innovators and designers. We apply design in a system-based way and put people at the centre of our work. Discover more at

The Service Design Days is a cross-disciplinary conference for change-makers, influencers, and decision-makers of small and large organisations, involved in product and service innovation, organisation transformation, and value creation through design.

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Name: Karin Aue
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  • Chemistry in collaboration with Service Design Days


27 Sep 2023


3pm – 6.30pm


National Design Centre
Auditorium (Level 2)
111 Middle Road
Singapore 188969


Invite only




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