Singapore Archifest Urban Installations


The Pavilion is traditionally the centrepiece of Archifest. This year, in the spirit of adaptability that follows imaginations of an “Interim” future, Archifest has invited a number of local and regional designers to create urban installations all around the Kampong Gelam festival site.

The shift from one singular statement piece to multiple, more accessible smaller objects dispersed around the festival site, aims to embody the “Interim City”. This produces a multitude of time-based, incremental, temporary urban interventions – all of which have the potential to impress upon the physical landscape of the city beyond their footprints and lifetimes.

The Installations will be located at: Festival House, Pondok Jawa & Sultan Gate Open Space, Coach Lots, Grass Patch in front of Jalan Kledek Substation, and The Quadrant.

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URA Lively Places Fund

Archifest Urban Installation is supported by URA Lively Places Fund.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) adopts a long-term and comprehensive planning approach to formulate strategic plans such as the Long-Term Plan and the Master Plan to guide the physical development of Singapore in a sustainable manner. URA’s plans and policies are focused on achieving a quality living environment for Singapore. To turn plans and visions into reality, URA takes on a multi-faceted role. As the conservation authority, URA has an internationally recognised conservation programme, and has successfully conserved not just single buildings, but entire districts. URA also partners the community to enliven Singapore’s public spaces to create a car-lite, people-friendly and liveable city for all to enjoy. In shaping a distinctive city, URA promotes architecture and urban design excellence, and innovate to build a resilient city of opportunity that fulfils the aspirations of our people.


Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA)

The Singapore Institute of Architects is a professional organization established in 1963 with the objective to promote the architectural profession and the built environment in Singapore.

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Name: Calvin Chua (Festival Director)
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  • Singapore Institute of Architects


29 Sep - 28 Oct 2023


Accessible at all times.


Street Installations:
1. Festival House (45 Sultan Gate, Singapore 198492)
2. Pondok Jawa & Sultan Gate Open Space 1
3. Pondok Jawa & Sultan Gate Open Space 1
4. Coach Lots beside Pondok Jawa & Sultan Gate Open Space
5. Grass Patch in front of Jalan Kledek Substation
6. The Quadrant






Red Dot Award: Design Concept Winners Exhibition 2023

The Red Dot Award: Design Concept Winners Exhibition 2023 is a preview into the future of design with the most novel and futuristic design concepts.