Moral of the Story: Designing Eco-Ethics Education to Instill Environmental Values in Our Children


The Champs for Our Environment children’s book series aims to instill environmental conservation values in children through storytelling and eco-ethics principles. This program delves into the journey of developing the series, where impactful design plays a leading role in addressing environmental, educational, and social issues.

This program underscores the significance of effective and engaging design in communicating complex ideas, which is pivotal in creating a lasting psychological impact. It showcases how design can be used to convey environmental messages and inspire behavioral change through a storytelling approach. This contributes to the larger goal of promoting sustainable and impactful design solutions. By combining resourcefulness, creative purpose, and an environmental focus, design can contribute to Singapore’s aspiration of becoming a more environmentally conscious nation.


Through a 45-minute expert panel, participants will be engaged in conversations around the power of storytelling, child psychology and modern education, as well as eco-ethics. This is followed by an extended Q&A session where participants can take part in discussions and idea sharing.


Champs for Our Environment

The Champs for Our Environment series champions innovative and impactful designs that tackle society’s biggest challenges – empowering members of our communities to take action on environmental conservation and stewardship in urban settings. The series aims to encourage children to take action as stewards of the environment by instilling in them a deep appreciation for the environment through eco-ethics principles and storytelling.


Name: Maggie Lee
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Top image: Image courtesy of Champs for Our Environment, created with Dall-E.


01 Oct 2023


2pm – 3.30pm


Temasek Shophouse
28 Orchard Road
Singapore 238832


Free with Registration



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