Education Reimagined: Designing Scenarios for the Future of Learning with Critical Design Thinking and Generative AI


The “Education Reimagined” masterclass workshop is an interactive and hands-on three-hour experience that empowers participants to embrace a strong sense of creative purpose in designing preferred futures of education. Central to this vision is the nurturing of learners’ curiosity, creativity, and confidence. By exploring speculative design, preferable futures, and generative AI tools, participants will collaboratively redesign learning experiences and envision the future of education through a scenario-building exercise.

Participants will gain insight into speculative design principles, critical design thinking, and their potential applications in learning and development. By working collaboratively to design preferable futures, participants will develop a deeper understanding of the power of design in shaping the world. Participants will engage in hands-on activities to hone their design skills, including scenario building, generative AI storytelling, and framing conversations about the future of education. By the end of the workshop, participants will have the confidence and competence to apply these techniques in their various learning and development settings.

In a rapidly changing world, educators need to be at the forefront of innovation, shaping the minds of future generations to navigate the complexities of the 21st century. This workshop is essential for design educators and general educators and trainers alike, as it presents a unique opportunity to explore and understand the potential of critical design thinking and AI in revolutionising teaching and learning experiences. The organisers aim to foster a more positive, forward-looking Singapore and contribute to the global educational landscape by equipping educators and designers with the skills and knowledge to envision and create preferable futures.


  • Introduction to Speculative Design & Preferable Futures (30 minutes)
  • Designing Scenarios: Group Activity (20 minutes)
  • Use of Generative AI Tools for Storytelling (45 minutes)
  • Presentation of Artefact (30 minutes)
  • Framing Conversations about the Future of Education (featuring industry experts as panellists) (45 minutes)
  • Closing (10 minutes)


Associate Professor Jawn Lim
Business, Communication & Design Cluster
Singapore Institute of Technology
Jawn is a design futurist and an innovation consultant. He serves as an awards judge in branding, design, and assistive technology. Previously, he worked for Frank Gehry. He holds an Advance Certificate in Management, Innovation, and Technology from MIT, and a Doctorate of Design from Harvard University.

Assistant Professor Nadya Patel
Business, Communication & Design Cluster
Singapore Institute of Technology
Nadya is a critical design practitioner and consultant with twenty years of experience as an educator, researcher, and trainer. She concurrently serves as an honorary Chief Research Officer for a venture builder company. She holds several professional certifications in Business Transformation & Innovation, Design Thinking, and Speculative Design, and a Doctorate in Education from IOE-UCL (University College London’s Faculty of Education and Society).


Nuno Boggiss
Creative Director & Consultant
Nuno is a creative director specialised in developing creative digital solutions to brands and companies, through a user-centric journey from online to offline. He connects companies and brands with the social generation through experiential design and generative AI.

Edwin Tan
Creative Director

Edwin is the Founder of Bravo, which specialises in brand creation. His team has created many memorable branding projects which have been loved and featured in many international design publications and websites. In his 15-year career, which started at Asylum Creative, he has won numerous international awards, as well as the local Creative Circle Awards and Asia Interactive Awards.

Sharon Beh
Global Head of Business Development
Sharon is a fashion designer, innovator, and advocate. She is passionate about fusing technology and fashion so as to bring about a digital revolution in the consumption of wearables minus the pain, guilt, and impact on the environment. Given her background as an electrical and electronic technical marketing engineer in the semiconductor industry, Sharon describes herself as a “logical creative” and as such has a unique eye for identifying fashion trends.

Sarah Tan
With a background in product design, consulting, and venture capital investments, Sarah founded Formatif, a human-centred AI design studio to help early tech ventures innovate and create human-centred tech products.

(Via virtual link)
Hedirman Supian
Formatif is a product innovation design consultancy that uses human-centric principles to help companies meaningfully integrate AI into their business models and products. As the co-founder of Formatif, Hedirman leads business development and strategy and also product consultation. He has 18 years of experience in consumer and enterprise tech.


Associate Professor Jawn Lim and Assistant Professor Nadya Shaznay Patel
Business, Communication & Design Cluster
Singapore Institute of Technology


Name: Assistant Professor Nadya Shaznay Patel
Email Address:

Top image: Image courtesy of Nadya Patel, created with Midjourney.


26 Sep 2023


5.30pm – 8.30pm


National Design Centre
111 Middle Road
Singapore 188969


Free with Registration




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