#1 Exploring the Intersection of Creativity and Responsibility


This panel discussion and dialogue is the first of a two-part series by The Inceptery and itsnotthere.design. The series explores key aspects of the evolving definition of design and its long-term role in shaping a better world.

Design has moved from designing products to services to now attempting to address wicked societal and environmental issues all whilst using the same toolbox for these challenges. Such challenges require a different mindset, perspective and approach, as well as different tools.

The two sessions will begin to equip design-related professionals with the necessary conceptual understanding, vocabulary and tools to bring to their practice.

The first part is in the form of an open dialogue with experts, practitioners and academia, as well as attendees. This session will unpack the key notions and explore how the involvement of technology – and the underlying connections it creates and enables – requires a different way of thinking about the work and the world.

Design, while sometimes unintended, is carried out by most humans through the manifestation of cognitive activity into something often tangible. Over the course of continued civilisation, it has evolved from being limited primarily by technology, to become a scientised process that improves lives, experiences and existence.

As the world becomes more complex, the landscape of design evolves. The ever-growing use of and need for technology increases not just possibilities and opportunities, but also responsibilities – much of which exist outside the current sphere of awareness or consciousness of many designers.


This panel discussion and participatory dialogue seeks to examine the activities of design and design thinking as we know and practice them, through questions such as:

  1. How does the industry begin to become aware of, name and act, to broaden and deepen understanding of the current systemic challenges and responsibilities within the design practice?
  2. What are some of the challenges design faces as we use more technology in our work and as the solutions?
  3. What is the impact of technology on the design practice compared to the past?
  4. What perspectives, patterns of thinking or understandings are missing or being imposed that are leading to the current state of the world, that the industry can and should consider or explore more?
  5. Are nations with more mature design practices and industry more conscious or ethical than less design mature nations?
  6. Should the practice bring more structure, protocols, consideration and dialogue to these existentially relevant questions?

This discussion – with its location made possible through the kind and generous support of Temasek Trust Ltd. – will feed into the second event the following week. #2 Mapping and Designing the Ecosystem for Creativity and Responsibility is a workshop that will provide participants with the critical tools to get started for this paradigm of design that considers and contributes to much broader impact.


The Inceptery x Itsnotthere

The Inceptery and itsnotthere collab, together believe in the power of design and innovation to create positive change. Helping businesses and teams to experience and understand how to create value for all stakeholders. They are committed to designing solutions that are ethical, socially responsible, and culturally sensitive, with the aim of building a better world for all.

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Name: Marisa Agrasut
Email Address: info@theinceptery.com



23 Sep 2023


1pm – 5pm


Temasek Shophouse
28 Orchard Road
Singapore 238832


$12.50 – $50




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