Service Experience Design


Through this workshop, you can learn how Service Design is applied to achieve the desired experience. Understand how different organisations and businesses adopt Service Design in a creative and collaborative environment to create innovative solutions to engage their customers and stakeholders. You will be able to harness on your expertise to collaborate with others during the session and learn how to use your imagination to create compelling experiences. The workshop can potentially boost your strategic understanding of why and how customers and employees are facing difficulties in your product and service delivery.


Raymond Tan

Raymond Tan is a dedicated Service Designer with a passion for driving business transformation. He leads the Service Experience Design Co-Lab at Nanyang Polytechnic, School of Design & Media where he fosters collaborative environments to apply service design principles effectively. With a master’s degree in Service Design from the University of Arts London and over 16 years of design experience, Raymond has successfully introduced Service Design to diverse organisations including public agencies, corporates, and social organisations. His expertise in product and service implementations allows him to provide comprehensive solutions that address organisational and customer needs.

Gabriel Tan

Gabriel Tan is an experienced designer with expertise in various design disciplines. Specializing in the intersection between space, UX and service design, Gabriel has worked with renowned design firms like Afternaut, LTW Designworks, RSP India, and Ong & Ong.
Currently a lecturer at Nanyang Polytechnic with the Diploma of Experiential Product and Interior Design, Gabriel also serves as the Course Manager for the Specialist Diploma in Service Experience Design & Innovation.


Nanyang Polytechnic, School of Design & Media

Nanyang Polytechnic’s School of Design & Media nurtures innovative and enterprising learners through a powerful combination of art, design, technology, and expertise. Our hallmark is an educational model co-built with some of the industry’s biggest names, leading to additional mentorship programmes, certifications, and valuable opportunities for our learners.

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Name: Raymond Tan
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27 Sep 2023


2pm – 5pm


National Design Centre
Training Rooms 4 & 5
111 Middle Road
Singapore 188969


Free with Registration





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