School of Tomorrow


Ready to go back to school? With a motto proclaiming “For Earth, For Humans, For All”, the School of Tomorrow is a specially commissioned exhibition curated by Pann Lim of Kinetic Singapore, which teaches about sustainability in a fun, immersive way. Through classes covering subjects such as geography, chemistry, social studies, and more, critical environmental issues will be introduced.

The curriculum also draws on the expertise of sustainability experts in Singapore and around the world, presenting innovative design solutions that offer new perspectives on challenges as diverse as waste, pollution, food, energy, and climate change. More importantly, ‘students’ will learn how to put the teachings into practice by incorporating sustainability into our daily lives, for a better future.

Spanning all three levels of Selegie Arts Centre, different classrooms touch on various aspects of sustainability via the work of designers from Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, India, South Korea, Australia, Germany, Lithuania, and the UK.

Biology class will highlight the harmful chain effects of plastic in our bodies, but also showcase new plastic alternatives such as bioplastics made from corn and milk. Over at the chemistry class, the periodic table has been reimagined with an exciting selection of materials that will reshape the way we live. In maths class, calculate your own carbon footprint and discover how to reduce it in manageable ways. Or, check out new eco-friendly sporting equipment at the physical education corner.

Hankering for a bite? The canteen will feature innovative foods, tableware, and edible or sustainably sourced packaging to wrap it all up.

Kindly note that wheelchair access at the venue is available to Level 1 only.


Kinetic Singapore

Kinetic Singapore is an independent creative agency. Refusing to be boxed in, their works span design and advertising, from branding to activation and experiential, from social media campaigns to web and app UX/UI design. A fierce champion of local, Kinetic has put our little red dot on the global design stage with over 500 awards and counting.


Name: Fely Anne Ang / Gracia Lim
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21 Sep - 01 Oct 2023


12pm 8pm


Selegie Arts Centre
30 Selegie Road
Singapore 188351






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