P*DA x R For Repair: Canvas: Shoe Repair & Design Workshop


This workshop features one of the projects under the R for Repair Initiative by Hans Tan Studio. Presenting a counterpoint to our modern consumerist culture, where repair is either deprecated or, ironically, deemed extravagant. R for Repair shifts the concept of repair away from mere restoration, and instead reimagine it as an inspiring activity that produces aspiring outcomes.

Various designers were tasked to identify failures in products and create novel repair techniques that would result in the repaired product being “better off” than its original state.

This workshop showcases Canvas, a shoe Repair X Design Kit designed by Ng Luowei & Mervyn Chen. This workshop allows participants to mend cuts and holes in their shoes, reinforcing the surface with a quick drying rubber paint, while giving them a new look.

That daily go-to pair of shoes often gets worn out with tears and scratches. Canvas gives participants the opportunity to fix these once-great shoes while also creating their own unique designs. Holes and tears will be reinforced with quick drying rubber paint, preserving the marks while also providing a new layer of protection. Using guided pre-cut stencils, desirable geometric designs can be easily created. Give these shoes a second life today

** Bring your own shoes that you want to repair. Repair works best on fabric/canvas shoe materials, and less on leather shoes. ** 

This programme is presented in conjunction with the P*DA 2023 Exhibition at library@orchard from 26 August to 10 October 2023. The P*DA is Singapore’s highest design accolade that recognises the significant achievements of an extraordinary group of people that has positively impacted the lives of Singaporeans and the global community through excellent design. It is jointly administered by the DesignSingapore Council and the Urban Redevelopment Authority.   


Hans Tan Studio, Mervyn Chen and Ng Luowei

Hans Tan is a designer and an educator based in Singapore. His work tiptoes on the boundaries between design, craft, and art. He believes that design not only helps us “do”, but it also helps us “understand”. His practice deploys design as a medium, making use of utility as a pretext for visual discourse, while maintaining a keen focus in developing materials and processes. The embedded narratives in his works comment on design and its industry as a phenomenon, especially in the contexts of heritage, consumption, and waste.

Mervyn Chen is an industrial designer and fashion re-inventor. He believes that everyone is created to be creative, and is on a journey in designing such personal creative ‘encounters’ in our everyday products. It is his passion to battle overconsumption in the fashion industry through his innovative new perspectives.

Ng Luowei is an experience and product designer who designs to imbue meaning beyond functionality. She is passionate about creating tangible objects that illuminate new ways of seeing. Her work nudges users to adopt different behaviours from their familiar routines, bringing delight in that process.


Name: Mervyn Chen
Email Address: mcdxsign@gmail.com



29 Sep 2023


4pm – 6pm



277 Orchard Road
Singapore 238858


Free with Registration




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