Hybrid Horizons


Hothouse’s Hybrid Horizons presents a diverse range of boundary-pushing projects at the forefront of creative disciplines.

The showcase features a captivating virtual gallery game exploring retro-futures and decolonial narratives; a ground-breaking design project by Currency challenging traditional scent categories; and an immersive multimedia presentation at the intersection of architecture and the entertainment-industrial complex. Visitors can also experience a thought-provoking VR journey questioning ecological states by envisioning a reality without spaces for creative presentation. Engaging dialogues on the challenges of creative education landscapes further enhance the exhibition.

Hothouse is a creative space founded by design studio Currency, architecture research lab formAxioms, and media artist duo INTER–MISSION. Hothouse aims to inspire collaboration, foster innovation, and ignite critical discussions about the future of design. The showcase serves as a platform for networking and co-creative possibilities, creating meaningful opportunities for trans-disciplinary collaborations.

By exploring uncharted territories and leveraging the interplay between physical and digital realms, Hybrid Horizons aims to shape the future of design and demonstrate our commitment to expanding the creative horizon.


Panel Discussion
Art By Design: What makes the Perfect Art School?
6pm — 7:30pm, 30 Sept 2023

This conversation between Susie Lingham and Martin Constable, moderated by John Tung, explores the evolving relationship between art and design in education. It delves into defining a quintessential art school, measuring its success, and the pedagogical implications of merging art and design. The discussion also covers curricular challenges and their impact on contemporary and future art practices, providing valuable insights into today’s art education landscape.

Open Studio
1pm — 9pm, Daily

ÖK(^)B by Form Axioms: An immersive game exploring hauntology, decolonial narratives, and retro-futures, combining architecture and gaming to create a collective archive.

olphar by Currency: A project challenging traditional scent categories, incorporating audio, visual, and conceptual elements to reimagine the decision-making process of scent.

0/– (The Lapse Project) by INTER—MISSION: Incorporating 3D scans and virtual emplacement to amalgamate Aliwal precinct relations and micro-sites, “0/–” progresses from exploring digital memory’s disappearance in its initial iteration (2018) to a novel ethos of digital rematerialization.

The Infinite Dispositions of Parafactual Sites by Zhiyi Cao: An archive of materials manifested from the research presentation exploring the intersection of architecture and the entertainment-industrial complex, focusing on expanded reality TV film sets and their infrastructural implications.



Hothouse is a Singapore-based space that supports artistic practices, encouraging experimentation and production. Founded in 2020, it operates within an interdisciplinary setup, encompassing contemporary art, technology, design, and architecture. Hothouse serves as a platform for exchange among artists, creatives, businesses, and audiences, fostering critical and long-form creative practices. Through its residencies, events, and publications, it cultivates an ecosystem that nurtures innovative ideas and fosters a vibrant creative community.

Hothouse curators

Currency Design

Currency is a trusted design agency in Singapore catering to businesses and building strong brands and well-designed outcomes around the world. Currency believes that careful and purposeful design can transform projects and projects for the better.


formAxioms was established in 2018 by Eva Castro and Federico Ruberto as a research framework, agency, and teaching cluster. The laboratory promotes research on space, selfhood, performance, art, planetary structures, and economy-ecology. It produces physical-digital dyads integrating platform-design, block-chain, and VR/AR/XR in its pipeline.


INTER–MISSION is an art collective dedicated to discourses of technology in art, initiated in 2016 by Urich Lau and Teow Yue Han. Focusing on interdisciplinary and collaborative works in video art, audiovisual, performance, installation, and interactive art. The collective aims to inhabit the gap between technologically engaged artworks, artists, and audiences.


Name: Melvin Tan
Email Address: melvin@currencydesign.info



21 Sep - 01 Oct 2023


1.30pm 9pm


28 Aliwal Street
Singapore 199918






Red Dot Award: Design Concept Winners Exhibition 2023

The Red Dot Award: Design Concept Winners Exhibition 2023 is a preview into the future of design with the most novel and futuristic design concepts.