FI&LD offers a new philosophy in inclusive design, based in play and improvisation.

This specially commissioned interactive exhibition features some of the best examples of this ethos in practice from environments to graphics, products, services, and experiences. Some will be new concepts and initiatives, while others will be functioning prototypes of emerging objects and technologies. These will work to emphasise possible connections between inclusion, emotion, and technology through design.

The installation will include experiential demonstrations of inclusive design in five areas: The Emotions, Fun, The Senses, Care, and Social Life and Interaction.

Exhibition curators Ong Ker-Shing and Joshua Comaroff of Lekker Architects will also unveil a new game that encapsulates this concept. Its rules will constantly be changing to adapt to a diversity of players. The goal of the game is to end with only winners, and to have fun. Its rules work, also, as principles for inclusive creative practice.

Collaborators for this exhibition include students from LASALLE College of the Arts, the National University of Singapore’s Department of Architecture, and Yale-NUS College.


What the &$^# is a FI&LD?

In contrast to the often-exclusionary sports fields from childhood in which games only had one set of rules, and only certain abilities counted toward victory this exhibition counter-proposes a “FI&LD.” This is an endless space (no matter how big it might be), because it allows an infinite number of capabilities, events, and outcomes. Anyone can play and contribute to the excellence of the game. This spirit, of levelling the playing field, is what this programme hopes to capture, for play as well as creative activity.

The exhibition will mark the appearance of the term FI&LD, itself, as a new concept, term, and philosophy in design.


Learning from sport

The principles underlying a game or a sport can just as easily form a new set of “rules” for inclusive creativity. The new game at FI&LD will be hosted, and visitors will be taught how to play. The underlying rules will be made clear, as a new method for “growing the field” of design.

The core principles of the game are simple:

1. The game must be fun.

2. The game must be played well.

3. If anyone can’t play or play well, we must change the game.

4. The goal of the game is to end with only winners.

5. Rules of the game can change, but the principles do not.

6. Nothing in the game has one use. A ball can be a hat, & vice versa.

7. Anything the body can do is sport.

Exhibitors involved include:

Dalija Acin Thelander
Feng Guozi Beatrice
Yang Junwei
Gabriella Edith Tan
WeCreate Studio
Xopo Design
Beáta Sosity
Iga Węglińska
Helen Fransiana
Bureau Spectacular
Simon Dogger
Lanzavecchia + Wai
The Care Lab
Studio Yaara Nusboim
Lee Xuan Ying
Poh Yun Ru
Lekker Architects
Ishmam Ahmed
Lim Kay Li
Plystudio Architects
Lili Pázmány
Afiq Shubi Din
No So
Studio Boey
Szabolcs Vatány
Hansel Bauman


Hypnobiophilia! is an immersive kaleidoscope experience using virtual reality. Come by to relax in an ever-evolving, AI-generated forest. Created in collaboration with Jo Ho and Louis Quek (Intriguant).

Happening everyday, 4pm – 6pm. No sign-up required, just walk in!

Play-Play! with Play!

Ready for a new game? At FI&LD, we will play games where the rules are constantly changing, so that nobody is left out. Our web app, Play-Play, suggests inclusive games for a diversity of players. If anyone can’t play, Play-Play’s interface allows us to simply change the rules. Created in collaboration with Play! with webapp development by Samson Sim and Huang Wei Tian.

22nd September 2023, Friday
7pm – 7:45pm
8pm – 8:45pm
9pm – 9:45pm

23rd September 2023, Saturday
3pm – 3:45pm
4pm – 4:45pm

24th September 2023, Sunday
10am – 10:45am
11am – 11:45am

27th September 2023, Wednesday
3pm – 3:45pm
4pm – 4:45pm

29th September 2023, Friday
6pm – 6:45pm
7pm – 7:45pm

30th September 2023, Saturday
3pm – 3:35pm
4pm – 4:45pm

1st October 2023, Sunday
10am – 10:45am
11am – 11:45am

Yoga For All Bodies with Sonia Kaur

Inclusive yoga is a practice that welcomes and honors all bodies, including disabled bodies. Everyone, regardless of their physical abilities, can experience the benefits of yoga and find strength, peace, and empowerment.

Come join Sonia as we embrace the beauty of our unique abilities and challenges as we come together!

30th September 2023, Saturday
6pm – 8pm

1st October 2023, Sunday
6pm – 8pm

Curator Tour

Inclusive design doesn’t have well-formulated rules, and it doesn’t yet have a compelling manifesto. Often it is confused by “accessibility” — that is, creating opportunities for those with special needs to participate.

While accessibility is one aspect of inclusion, we listen to curators behind FI&LD as they explore a new beginning of a new way of thinking about inclusion in design and how it could be propelled towards exciting and unexpected futures.

24th September 2023, Sunday
3pm – 4pm

1st October 2023, Sunday
3pm – 4pm

Engaging With Music with Calvin Eng

As a board-certified music therapist, Calvin works with individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders and multiple disabilities. He is on a journey to advocate how music can play a role in improving healthcare, quality of life, well-being, and society.

Come join Calvin and his friends as they demonstrate the possibilities of encouraging communication, increasing social interaction, and building communities through Engaging with Music.

24th September 2023, Sunday
5pm – 6pm
6pm – 7pm

30th September 2023, Saturday
1pm – 2pm
2pm – 3pm

1st October 2023, Sunday
2pm – 3pm
3pm – 4pm

All events are free to join! Grab your spot here today!


Lekker Architects

Lekker Architects is a multi-disciplinary practice that explores the social-emotional potentials of design. Combining methods from environmental design and social science, they seek ideas that enable, help us to learn and grow, and form more inclusive, collective relationships. They are driven by the challenge of catering to the full variety of human bodies, minds, and experiences to make lives better.


Name: Lekker Architects
Email Address:


21 Sep - 01 Oct 2023


9am – 9pm


LASALLE College of the Arts
City Court
1 McNally Street
Singapore 187940






Red Dot Award: Design Concept Winners Exhibition 2023

The Red Dot Award: Design Concept Winners Exhibition 2023 is a preview into the future of design with the most novel and futuristic design concepts.