Re-imagining Tomorrow: A LASALLE Product Design Showcase


Re-imagining Tomorrow presents design solutions to the general public that rethink the way we live, consume and care for self and others. The programme aims to showcase outcomes of fruitful partnerships between industry and institutes of higher learning for holistic and foresight-oriented design education. The key objectives of sustainability, connectivity and smart use of technology are integrated into project briefs in consultation with industry experts and lecturers. As Singapore moves towards Sustainable Development Goals, emphasis on design solutions is placed on how products can be interoperable in increasingly complex product and consumer landscapes.

The exhibition of works were produced by Level 2 students as part of a 14-week project brief, developed by LASALLE’s BA(Hons) Product Design programme.

The project aimed to expand notions of taste, care and well-being for lower to middle-income consumers. Using key concepts to drive prototype development, each student showcased their design solutions for sustainability, connectivity and smarter use of technology that uplifts consumer experiences. Among these core values, the design intent that runs through these conceptual projects was the adaptive use of design features for interoperability within complex product systems. The top three submissions resulted in those students winning highly coveted internships at global MNCs.


Rachel Joan Koh

Rachel Joan Koh is a theory lecturer at LASALLE’s BA(Hons) Product Design programme. She graduated with an MSc. in Urban Science, Policy and Planning from SUTD in 2022. Her master’s research involved investigating the reproduction of speciesist norms in Singapore’s ‘city in nature’ – speculating the relationship between news, myth, wildlife policy and ecological imagination. Her main interests are material culture, linguistics, urbanism and geopolitics.

Terence Loh Tze Kok

Terence Loh is a studio lecturer at LASALLE’s BA(Hons) Product Design programme. He graduated with a Diploma with Merit in Product Design from Temasek Polytechnic in 1992 before developing a career in local design agencies and various consumer electronics companies, including Philips Electronics and Panasonic Asia Pacific. Alongside his academic career, Terence is also a maker and runs his own product design consultancy practice STUDIOAUX.


Gardens by the Bay is an independent organisation responsible for developing and managing one of Asia’s foremost garden destinations. The Gardens is led by a multidisciplinary team of professionals who have been involved in the greening of Singapore and have worked alongside international and local experts to develop the Gardens.


School of Spatial and Product Design, LASALLE College of the Arts


(BA)Hons Product Design programme, School of Spatial & Product Design, LASALLE College of the Arts

LASALLE College of the Arts is Asia’s leading contemporary arts and design institution. It provides a nurturing, interdisciplinary learning environment to inspire the next generation of forward-looking, globally engaged artists, designers and leaders of creative industries. LASALLE is a founding member of the University of the Arts Singapore which will open its doors for its first degree intake in 2024.

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21 Sep - 01 Oct 2023


9am – 9pm


Gardens by the Bay
Foyer beside Main Ticketing counter
(Outside Flower Dome)
18 Marina Gardens Dr
Singapore 018953






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