Designing Regenerative Futures


Biodiversity Collage with Climate Designers

By envisioning a positive future, Singapore can truly embody its title as the “City in Nature” by embracing sustainable practices and prioritizing the protection and restoration of its natural ecosystems.
During the workshop, diverse participants would be able to discuss and come up with different “better by design” ideas to solve and improve biodiversity. (These could include; biomimicry, vermicomposting, species monitoring, AI & Technology etc)

Who is it for? All decision makers, citizens, companies, communities, students, teachers,
… anyone who takes at least one decision per day! Sign up here!

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“Regeneration 2040” Film Screening with Climate Designers

Regeneration 2040 will demonstrate to designers, students and a wider audience that we already have the solutions to climate change; we just need to rapidly work together towards solutions that are better by design. Sign up here!

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Designing Regenerative Futures Workshop

This interactive workshop will explore sustainable futures for Singapore and understand the role of designers in building this future. In this workshop, participants will explore their relationship with nature, learn about regenerative design principles, and imagine possible futures for a regenerative Singapore.

Workshop participants will work individually and in small groups to connect design practices, regenerative principles, and futures thinking to imagine possible future worlds and define their role in that future.

This workshop will build on the film screening “Regeneration 2040” which will be screened earlier in the day. You do not need to attend the screening to participate in the workshop, but we encourage attendance to help get you inspired. Sign up here!


Natalie Seisser

Natalie Seisser is a Singapore based designer and founder of, a creative change agency built on a passion for design and a drive for impactful social and environmental change. She is Climate Designers Singapore Chapter leader, a community engagement to ignite climate conversations, where climate is at the core of the creative work.

Wan Sing

Wan Sing is an environmental engineer.
She currently works at Ramboll on Net Zero Energy and Super Low Energy Buildings in Singapore. She obtained her masters in Civil and Architectural Engineering from the University of Bath.

Riley McCullough

Riley McCullough is a designer, futurist, and systems thinker with a passion for community-driven regenerative design. She currently works in Accenture Song’s Sustainability Studio for Growth Markets, helping clients tackle sustainability from a human perspective.


Climate Designers Singapore

Climate Designers is the global hub for designers and creative professionals from all industries, committed to using our creative skills for climate action.
We provides the knowledge, skills, and professional network to support designers to be climate leaders everywhere they work.

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Name: Climate Designers Singapore
Email Address:


23 Sep 2023


The Biodiversity Collage

Screening Film “Regeneration 2040”

Designing Regenerative Futures Workshop


National Design Centre
Auditorium and Training Rooms (Level 2)
111 Middle Road
Singapore 188969


$5 – S10

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