29 AUG 2022

Singapore Design Week is back!

After a two-year break, the highly anticipated Singapore Design Week (SDW) organised by DesignSingapore Council returns this September with a brand new look, feel and vision! 

Best remembered as one of most vibrant events on the national calendar, SDW is a fiesta of creativity that celebrates all things design-related.  

Who can forget the buzz around the hands-on workshops, district activations, furniture fairs, tours and numerous talks during this premier festival? Beyond attracting creative types and designers to students, families, youngsters and students were drawn to the variety of events at SDW. 

The SDW was inaugurated in 2014 and began with the intention to demonstrate Singapore as a thought leader in design, connect creatives with businesses and engage the wider community on the value of design.  

It had a six-year run and past headlining events include the Brainstorm Design conference, the International Furniture Fair Singapore and SingaPlural, aimed at bridging designers with the furniture industry. 

Equally outstanding were the activations held across various districts, with standout ones such as Street of Clans at Keong Saik and Design Dialogues in Chip Bee Gardens in 2019. 

Now back with a sharper focus and a more international line-up, the festival aims to showcase the best of design from Singapore and beyond. It will have a line-up of design and creative heavyweights that will help to position SDW being among Asia’s must-go festivals and a global creative event. 

“We are excited to unveil the brand new SDW, which will grow recognition of our UNESCO Creative City of Design as a leading design hub, establish our design thought leadership, and raise awareness of the value of design,”  says Dawn Lim, DesignSingapore Council’s Executive Director. 

To meet those ambitions, there will be the Design Futures Symposium curated by the internationally renowned curator and author Paola Antonelli, a ground-breaking design fair and the chance to get up close and personal with some of Singapore’s most outstanding architecture projects.  

Festival Director of Singapore Design Week 2022 Mark Wee adds, “Our designers have an immense amount of talent and creative courage that we can champion, and we hope that festival goers will come away with genuine inspiration, meaningful connections and a new perspective on what Singapore design stands for.” 


One of Asia’s premier design festivals, Singapore Design Week (SDW) returns 16-25 September 2022 with a brand new vision, exploring design through three defining festival pillars: Design Futures, Design Marketplace and Design Impact.
Design Futures focuses on the design of the future and the future of design, through the lens of forward-looking Singapore – where a more positive future is prototyped for Singapore and the world. Design Marketplace uncovers lifestyle trends from across the globe, with a spotlight on the fast-growing Southeast Asia region. Design Impact inspires with innovative and impactful design solutions that tackle society’s biggest questions and create a better world by design.

Organised by DesignSingapore Council, SDW is a celebration of creativity and innovation, championing thought leadership and showcasing the best of design from Singapore and beyond in our UNESCO Creative City of Design.